First post, first steps…


This blog was created with the simple purpose of keeping track of my food portions while i hope to lose some kilos of weight as well along this process (well, kind of 5-6 kilos to be more exact, and perhaps then a few more extra ones). I’ve been keeping my menu on a healthier side for a long time, but my portions and eating times have been a total chaos for quite some time already and I’ve been so tangled up in those same patterns that it’s been very hard to notice anything in it and to come out of it. So even the healthy eating in itself doesn’t always help with weight loss, but attention needs to be on more trivial and smaller things even. I’m a total sinner when it comes to snacking (even what I’ve considered as a healthy choice) and when I’m not eating at home or cooking myself, I’m also finding myself indulging with things that are unhealthy choices – cause hey, keeping your fingers off from a piece of “just” a piece of chocolate cake? Is it possible?
So what I need? I need to break free of some habits that I’ve had and create new ones for myself and keep a determined mind on this path. So here i am, documenting this journey with some food pictures from my new daily menus that I’m creating for myself. When you prepare your own food and notice all the colors, the smell and the texture… you will simply be amazed! So it would be a pity to prepare them all without also documenting them. Here’s to the healthy and reasonable choices! Stepping from the foodsinner into saint 🙂


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